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More Voluntary blood donation in Cameroon


Since 2019, the Safe Blood for Africa Foundation™ (SBFA) has launched a programme for Technical Assistance for the Club 25 Pledge in Cameroon’s (C25C) Strategic Plan.  The C25C comprises 100 young medical students who have decided to donate at least 25 times in their life.  The Club is also planning to recruit the greatest number of volunteers within the Faculty of Medicine but also within the surrounding universities and high schools.  With the support of SBFA Cameroon office, the C25C organize regular donor recruitment and motivation campaigns and various friendly and entertaining activities for their members.  The C25C participates in mobile collection drives in collaboration with the Yaoundé University Teaching Hospital Blood Service.  The C25C has contributed to the collection of more than 350 blood units during the last 18 months.  The C25C is officially registered at the Ministry of Administration and officially collaborates with several local and international entities involved in blood donation, such as the Global Blood Fund, Cameroonian Red Cross, WeCare and Lifeline Africa.  The C25C is the first winner of the SBFA Cameroon Prize for the best Blood Donor Association.  The SBFA Cameroon is planning to increase the support to Blood Donor Associations through Technical Assistance, mentorship, recognition prizes, advocacy, etc.

The SBFA Cameroon has worked with the Global Blood Fund and the C25C to develop sensitization videos during the COVID-19 pandemic and for World Blood Donor day (14th June each year)








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