Bio-sketch summary the Safe Blood for Africa Foundation™, August 2014

Prepared by PeteZac (COO)

The Safe Blood for Africa Foundation™ has a 15 year record of strengthening Blood Services in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.  Several of its consultants have led WHO Blood Safety task teams and hold senior positions in blood services in both the developed and developing world.  The SBFA is an active member of the African Society of Blood Transfusion (AfSBT) and make regular contributions to its congress programme.  It also participates in the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Blood Safety forum.  All consultants are required to be proficient in WHO guidelines and protocols for blood safety in the developing world and we advocate WHO recommendations on blood safety in viz:

  1. government commitment and support;
  2. national policy and standards;
  3. a national blood commission; and
  4. a national blood transfusion service based on Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donors (VNRBD).

Our consultants are conversant with, and SBFA advocates, the AfSBT Stepwise Accreditation System.


Promoting the health renewal of Africa through increased access to Safe Blood