Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Mark Busch (BS, MPA, J.D.) has wide experience over 30 years in law, diplomacy, administration, real estate and investment banking.  He founded Safe Blood for Africa Foundation in 1999 in response to the lack of focus on Blood Safety in the initial fight against HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.  This has been sustained for 15 years.  His Key results in Blood Safety Activities are:

  • founding the Safe Blood International Foundation and the Safe Blood for Africa Foundation™;
  • served as a top advisor to several medical companies;
  • has worked in the blood supply and management field leading a non-profit;
  • Initiated programs that have impacted more than forty (40) African nations;
  • Facilitated the training of hundreds health technicians how to safely test and deliver blood;
  • Through advocacy, increased the amount of properly tested blood in Africa; and
  • Guided the development Club25 International.

Employment and experience includes: US Government public service, Chief of Staff to a United States Congressman, senior positions in several Administrations, represented the United States before the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Board of Directors of several public companies, as well as an investment banking house.  His language proficiency is in English and Hebrew.


Promoting the health renewal of Africa through increased access to Safe Blood